About Me!

My name is Robert. I was born in 1981 in Coronel, southern Chile. I have a restless and innovative personality. From a young age I already knew what I wanted to do, but first had to finish my studies in dental mechanics. At the same time I was learning, as an autodidact, the different circus techniques.

After completing my studies I started my career as a juggler. My first experience was a tour with the circus "Royal Dumbar" through countries like Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Brazil. Since then I have not left the world of entertainment. Already 12 years of experience and counting.

Juggler, unicyclist, magician, comedian eccentric, extroverted artist. These are some of the qualities that might describe me.

I always try to surprise my audience and make them laugh with my inventions, juggling and manipulation with everyday objects. All this on my 3m tall unicycle!

Mr Tartuffo's Tour 2016

* From 01/09/2017 Until 17/09/2017 International Street Performance in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

* From 23/08/2016 Until 30/08/2016 Ferrara Buskers Fest, Ferrara FE, Italy

* From 19/08/2016 Until 21/08/2016 Festival des Artistes de rue, Vevey Switzerland

* From 05/08/2016 Until 15/08/2016 Fringe Festival, Edinburgh-Scotland

* From 29/07/2016 Until 30/07/2016 Gauklerfestival Buskers Festival, Feldkirch-Austria

* From 21/07/2016 Until 23/07/2016 Linzer Pflasterspektakel Street Art Festival, Linz-Austria

* From 16/07/2016 Until 17/07/2016 Obernzell Street Art Festival, Obernzell-Germany

* From 11/06/2016 Until 12/06/2016 El Solar Vallecas, Madrid-Spain

* From 04/06/2016 Until 05/06/2016 Pinneberger Kleinkunstfestival, Hamburg-Germany

* From 26/05/2016 Until 29/05/2016 Revolution Festival (Masters of magic) Saint-Vincent-Italy

* From 13/05/2016 Until 16/05/2016 International Kleinkunstfestival Usedom, Heringsdorf-Germany
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